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Excitement Lacks Without Midnight Premiere of the Hunger Games

Ella Shlonsky and Alexandra Harris

November 20, 2013

Two years ago, when we walked out of "The Hunger Games" premiere at 2 a.m., we were all buzzing about the film. The next day, we slowly realized it’d be another year and a half until the sequel was released. Now, a year and a h...

Younger Generations Jump on the iPhone Bandwagon

Alexandra Harris, Opinion Editor

November 11, 2013

iPhones are everywhere. They rest on our kitchen counters while we make breakfast. They hold our attention as we utilize them throughout the day, until we have no use for them anymore, and bury them inside our backpacks or slip them...

On “Shaker’s Top Ten”

Shane McKeon, Print Editor in Chief

November 8, 2013

UPDATE: As of 7 p.m., it appears the Twitter account has suspended activity. Its author deleted all previous tweets and left only one, stating, "Sorry if this offended anyone." -- Last night, we were cowards. Last night, students reinforced th...

Hallways Crave an Effective Maneuvering System

Ella Shlonsky, Opinion

November 8, 2013

Hallways should be a place to move from class to class, not a socialization center.  It is impossible to move through the hallway with crowds of people talking and snail-crawling.  If we only have four minutes to rush from th...

Just Can’t Embrace the Braces

Hannah Heverling, Enterprise Reporter

November 8, 2013

I come home from school. The phone rings. My mom informs me that I have to go to the orthodontist. The only sound that manages to escape from my mouth is a long, heavy sigh.  It’s the same stuff, different day, the life of ...

Careless Parking Provokes Student Frustration

Hillary Lacks, Opinion Editor

November 7, 2013

People who park more than two feet in behind the car in front of them at school are just asking to be called out. While driving around the school in the morning looking for a parking spot, seeing a spot that is big but not quit...

Parents React To Security Changes

November 1, 2013

The district has taken several steps (with more to come) to improve security at the high school after a rape allegedly occurred on campus. Officials maintain that they had already begun reviewing security procedures before the...

Hutchings Makes an Assignment

Gregory Hutchings, School Superintendent

November 1, 2013

I am honored to be your superintendent, and I appreciate the opportunity to communicate directly with students about my priorities and expectations. I hope this will be the start of an ongoing conversation. One of my top priorities...

Miley Is Only Wrecking Her Career

Franci Douglass, Columnist

November 1, 2013

Holy moly. That’s all I could think as I watched Miley Cyrus’s “Wrecking Ball” music video. In the whole scheme of things, this could just be a publicity stunt so that she can come back, but the whole things is still...

Why We Lack School Spirit

Shane McKeon, Print Editor in Chief

October 30, 2013

This story will appear in the upcoming issue of The Shakerite, released this week. — Early in every Shaker student’s life, we learn about our district’s diversity. Students, parents, teachers and administrato...

Passing the Ball to Griffith: Give Field Hockey Team a Proper Sendoff

Alexandra Harris, Hillary Lacks, and Ella Shlonsky

October 29, 2013

Dear Mr. Griffith, Halloween is not the only thing happening Thursday. Our Raider field hockey team thumped HB 3-1 Saturday and for the first time in 17 years, is headed to Columbus for the state semifinals on Thursday night....

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