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We Owe Trayvon More Than a Tweet

Erica Seman, Senior Writer

July 18, 2013

Twitter is not the same as activism. Unfortunately, many of my peers seem to think it is. Within minutes of the jury announcing the decision in the George Zimmerman trial, tweets about the not guilty verdict and Zimmerman’s...

Lowery Reaches Zimmerman Via Email

Allie Harris, Campus and City Editor

April 25, 2012

It took a former Shakerite editor to contact the most sought-after man in America. It seems everyone was talking about George Zimmerman, but no one was talking to him until Ohio University senior Wesley Lowery (’08) exchanged...

Struggling for Answers, Safety and Justice

Alysse Eberhard and Rachel Shaw, Cover Story Editors

April 25, 2012

News of the killing of 17- year-old Trayvon Martin spread across the nation, causing many to call for changes to gun control laws, the arrest of George Zimmerman and, ultimately, “justice for Trayvon.” Zimmerman shot and...

Records Concerning Safety Should Be Public

April 25, 2012

The killing of Trayvon Martin caused us to wonder whether anything so tragic could happen in Shaker. That would depend, in part, on how many residents have guns. To find out, The Shakerite filed a public records request to determine...

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