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Everybody, Breathe

Everybody, Breathe

January 10, 2020

Social studies teacher Kyle Fleming poses for a picture for Humans of Shaker, an Instagram account that explores the high school

Hope in the Twitterverse

January 18, 2014

Alexandra Harris, 2016 Secretary

Hillary Lacks, Opinion Editor

May 8, 2013

Why did you decide to run? "I was secretary last year and I liked it. It's a cool group of kids. It's really fun, and I enjoyed doing it this year," Alexandra Harris said. She said she was also inspired to run by her sister,...

Margi Weiss, 2016 Vice President

Ella Shlonsky, Opinion Editor

May 8, 2013

Why did you decide to run? Margi Weiss said she was a part of Student Council last year. "I had a lot of fun and I wanted to do it again," she said. Did you run last year? Have you held office previously? Weiss was a...

2/20 The Social Lives of the Inanimate

Marcia Brown, Columnist

February 21, 2013

The social lives of Phyllis, Sammy and Timmy are escalating quickly. Phyllis is my boot--I think she's pretty notorious now. Sammy and Timmy are my crutches; their names are a more recent acquisite. We're almost like a family!...

Offering Support Without Ignorance

March 20, 2012

It took the KONY 2012 video six days to accumulate 100 million views. It only took a weekend for most of those viewers to lose interest. Compared to music or comedy videos that have gone viral, KONY 2012 was the fastest to...

Factory-Style Schools are Obselete

Shane McKeon, Staff Reporter

February 27, 2012

“There has to be a tired Guinea pig somewhere in this school,” stated Drew Puskar. “The computers are ancient.” In Room 108, a quiet computer lab down the hall from the security office, about two-dozen chunky Dell monitors...

Taking to Social Media to Comment on the Night’s Events

Rachel Shaw, Cover Story Editor

December 13, 2011

After the Dec. 2 basketball and hockey games went haywire with fan misbehaviors, Facebook and Twitter exploded with commentary about student, administrator and police behavior, as well as with rumors and predictions regarding...

Raider Rants: Texting

Natasha Anderson, Staff Reporter

November 21, 2011

"Hey, I texted you!" or "I told you on Facebook." Really? This is considered communication? A systematic "hey watz up?" "nm. lol." We accept as a primary way to communicate? Every day we’re sending mindless messages, ignoring...

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