Become a Member of The Shakerite’s Multimedia Team

Apply to create visuals and work on the technology aspects of the Shakerite


Will McKnight

Images created by Shakerite multimedia team memebers, such as this photograph by former Shakerite photographer Will McKnight are featured in the print edition of the Shakerite and online.

Do you want to capture and share the triumphs, defeats, and liveliness of being a student at Shaker? Are you interested in graphic design, illustration, videography, podcasting or app design?

If so, consider applying to be a part of the Shakerite multimedia team. Being a part of the multimedia team will not only provide experience in areas like photography and illustration but will also allow students to showcase and inform with their work. In addition, students interested in creating the multimedia aspects of the Shakerite can earn .25 Shakerite class credit. 

In order to apply please copy, fill out the document here and email or share the completed document with Visuals Editor Alexa Jankowsky at [email protected].  

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