Introducing the Volume 88 Executive Team

After extensive interviews, The Shakerite installs new staff leaders

As the Volume 87 chief editors left, The Shakerite’s seniors chose the staff’s new leaders. During this process, Former Editor in Chief Nora Spadoni (’17) and Natalie Sekicky, the paper’s adviser, interviewed many candidates for a limited number of executive positions. This process included changes to roles and responsibilities that come with each year as a staff.


Editor in Chief: Grace Lougheed (’18). Lougheed will enter her term after serving recently as print managing editor, and campus and city editor (Volume 86). Lougheed has plans for a  redesign and changes to the staff organization, which she believes will improve The Shakerite as a whole. The most recent editor in chief was Nora Spadoni (’17). 

Managing Editor: Zachary Nosanchuk (’18). Serving as the media managing editor recently and before as the paper’s first-ever lifestyle editor, Nosanchuk will enter this new role on the Executive Team with goals for staff organization and improvement. He will lead the new Assignment Desk and The Shakerite’s efforts for management of its growing staff. 

Print Editor: Julia Barragate (’18). Leaving the stewardship of the campus and city section, Barragate will focus on The Shakerite’s quarterly print issues. She will work with Editor in Chief Lougheed on the paper’s redesign, and ensure implementation of proper print and web coverage. The most recent print editor was Grace Lougheed (’18). 

Web EditorAstrid Braun (’19). Previously co-investigations editor with Emet Celeste-Cohen (’19), Braun will manage The Shakerite’s digital efforts, social media, and website. She will ensure frequent web coverage and proper staff management. The most recent web editor was Lily Roth (’18). 

Visuals Editor: Alexa Jankowsky (’18). After serving two terms as Raider Zone editor, The Shakerite’s sports section, Jankowsky will fill the new position molded after that of the media managing editor. She will work with all of the Executive Team to implement complementary and stunning photography and artistry in the print issues and website. In addition, she will work with newly-installed Photo Editor Kay Petrovic to manage the multimedia team. The most recent media managing editor was Zachary Nosanchuk (’18). 

Journalism I/II Coordinator: Maggie Spielman (’18). After working with Emilie Evans (’19) to lead the Volume 87 lifestyle section, Spielman will now work with The Shakerite’s incoming journalism reporters to train them to become diligent journalists and staff members. She will work with Nosanchuk and Sekicky to develop assignments and alternative ways to manage the staff. The most recent journalism coordinator was Yasmine Kayali (’18). 


Past Executive Team members include Shane McKeon, former managing editor for the Daily Northwestern, Daily Princetonian Head News Editor Marcia Brown, Pulitzer Prize winner and Washington Post Reporter Weseley Lowery, all former editors in chief. Other past Shakerite leaders attend universities the likes of Washington University in Saint Louis, Columbia University, Harvard University, and the University of Michigan. 

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