The Shakerite

Top 10: Reasons Not To Get Turf

Sarah Shaw, Samantha Weisner, Opinion Editors

November 21, 2011

We don’t have the money We love the look of cat litter Toe-to-thigh casts make your butt look smaller Now we have a reason for losing Turf doesn’t look enough like real grass Hay fever = team bonding Free mud...

Rite Idea: School Spirit Equals War

November 21, 2011

A little competition is healthy, but how much is too much? The compulsive need to be the best class is tearing us apart instead of unifying us. The spirit day that took place the Friday before Homecoming stirred up lots of...

Teach Current Events While They’re Still Relevant

Sarah Shaw, Opinion Editor

November 21, 2011

Do you know who Momar Qaddafi was? Do you know how many prisoners were exchanged for Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit? If you don’t know the answers to these questions or if you didn’t know these people exist, you’re not alone....

How Council Raises Money

Michaella Matthews, Guest 'Rite

November 21, 2011

Student Council sponsored a school-wide fundraiser Nov. 14-17 for the United Way. United Way focuses on identifying and resolving pressing community issues as well as making measurable changes in the community through partnerships...

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