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A&F CEO Endangers Self-Image

June 10, 2013

The line exists, and Abercrombie and Fitch CEO Mike Jeffries crossed it. “We go after the attractive, all-American kid,” Jeffries stated in a 2006 interview with His words have come back to haunt him recently...

Teacher Condemns Jeffries’ Words

Hillary Lacks, Opinion Editor

June 6, 2013

English teacher Aimee Grey said she views everything as a mother and as an educator. She said CEO Jeffries’ comments appall her, and she considers them to be mainstream bullying. “It’s acceptable to want to make a profit,...

Alternative Finals Relieve Exam Stress

Rebecca Marcus, Staff Reporter

May 10, 2013

As the year is ending, students are getting nervous about finals. Last semester I was told my finals would be easy because I’m a freshman. Instead, the tests turned out to be very stressful, and I studied very hard to pass a...

Reserve Judgement on Evolving Value-Added System

Sarah Shaw and Hannah Heverling, Opinion Editor

May 10, 2013

The state performance index school evaluation system is being phased out of schools to be replaced by the federally-mandated, value-added ranking system. The performance index measures grades and class difficulty in science, math,...

Don’t Let Pokémon Sway Your Vote

Editorial Board

May 6, 2013

Despite posters, speeches and campaigning, most high school election votes are based on popularity. Why vote for the better candidate when the alternative is voting for your best friend? This annual problem is one that every...

How Much do Students Need AP?

Sarah-Jane Lorenzo, Editor in Chief

April 8, 2013

When it comes to college, it is good to be ahead of the game. But is it necessary? Students are often advised to start preparing early, but as schools fight to boost their prestige and selectivity by appealing to more highly...

State of the Schools Marks Shaker’s Progress

Leo Izen, Staff Writer

April 8, 2013

Props to the district for what it has accomplished. Shaker has managed to continue to excel in academics while continuing the district’s financial stability. Superintendent Mark Freeman gave his final State of the Schools...

Weed Out the Unsportsmanlike Behavior

Shane McKeon, Investigations Editor

March 9, 2013

My first high school memory was a speech Mr. Hutchinson gave to our freshman class in our first week, in typical Hutch fashion, with no microphone and no script. He explained that he saw two types of students at this school:...

Speculating on the Futuristic Spectacles

Franci Douglass, Staff Reporter

February 19, 2013

Wouldn’t it be neat if you could walk around and do all your Smartphone’s distracting things without even pulling it out? Google is developing something called Google Glass.  It’s a fancy name for a contraption that...

Drop Old School Ideas About Girls

February 19, 2013

Man up? More like girl up. There’s nothing like change, if you can get it. Ninety-two years after the American women’s rights movement of the 1920s, women and girls are still striving for equality in the United States and...

Untangling the Meaning of Valentine’s Day

Abby White, Staff Reporter

February 12, 2013

What I’d like for Valentine’s Day is to not hear everyone complain about it. It’s not that I’ve never moaned and groaned about Feb. 14. To claim immunity to that bitterness would be a filthy lie. But the notorious Valentine’s...

Arming Teachers Will not Stop Gun Violence

January 15, 2013

  In light of the recent shootings in Newtown, CT, the nation is abuzz with discussions regarding gun laws and limitations. But rather than eliminating guns, or restricting gun ownership, Tennessee State Sen. Frank Nicely...

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