Hostess Bankruptcy Could Affect Melt’s Fried Twinkies

UPDATE:  Melt Bar and Grilled Owner Matt Fish stated that the restaurant has prepared for the impending Twinkie shortage.

“Over the last few days I was able to source roughly a six-month supply of Twinkies for Melt,” Fish stated in an email message.  “This means that we are confident that our
beloved dessert will be available well into 2013.”

Parting is such sweet sorrow; in this case, the operative word is sweet.

For years, the Melt Bar and Grilled, a favorite of Shaker students, has offered the fried Twinkie as a popular dessert. On Nov. 19, Hostess Brands, the maker of Twinkies, asked a judge to formally approve a filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, possibly ending the sweet treat’s life.

For Melt, this could mean the end of an era. “The fried Twinkie is a classic,” Independence Melt Manager Nicki Green said. “It has been on our menu ever since we opened six years ago.”

The announcement has led to empty Hostess stands in many convenience stores across the country, as Americans make one last mad dash for Twinkies.

Hostess surprised America with their plans to shut down. “Right now, I have no idea [regarding Melt’s plans for fried Twinkies],” Mentor Melt manager Kyle Carter said. “We expect that another company will come forward and buy Hostess.”

However, as Carter points out, Twinkie lovers should not fear; even if Hostess goes bankrupt, it is possible that a different company will by the Twinkies brand.

But if not, this could be a loss for Shaker students. “I’ve always wanted to have [a fried Twinkie],” freshman Gus Hatch said. “But now that opportunity is going to be taken away from me.”

Hatch stresses that his biggest feeling at this point is regret. “I’ve always seen it on the menu, but I’ve never had it; and now I never will!”

Fried Twinkie fans hope Hostess will sell the brand to another company; if not, Hatch draws a timeless lesson from this unfortunate endeavor.

He said, “You don’t know what you got ‘til it’s gone.”

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