After Visits, SGORR Members Cannot Eat in Restaurants

The 250 students in Student Group on Race Relations are now prohibited from going out to lunch after they visit fourth-and sixth-grade classes.

According to SGORR Coordinator Halle Bauer, the existing policy is now being enforced because going out to lunch is an inappropriate use of school time. “It takes away from the importance of work and reflects badly on SGORR as a whole,” Bauer said.  

Sophomore CORE leader Clare Mearns said having students at restaurants in the middle of the day “can look bad because it looks like kids are skipping school.”

Students are excused by SGORR from second through ninth period on the days they visit elementary school classes.  Mearns said allowing kids go out to lunch creates “logistical issues,” such as tardy returns to school.

“I respect it [the enforced policy] and understand it even if I don’t necessarily agree with it,” Mearns said.

Bauer, who became SGORR coordinator after founding coordinator Marcia Jaffe retired last year,  said that she has heard some complaints about the new policy but they are “mostly second-hand, through the leaders. I understand the complaints, but I am hoping that this alternative will allow groups to still bond but it will be a better use of time and also allow them to get back to school easier.”

Bauer also explained that this policy will be permanent.

Sophomore SGORR member Shaun Roy questioned the newly enforced rule. “I never understood why it was such a big deal for SGORR to go out to lunch. Going out to lunch after is no different than kids that go out to lunch during their respective lunch periods.”

SGORR members have developed an alternative.  Mearns explained that students can order food online, have one member pick it up, and bring it to a member’s house. Mearns said, “I see it [going out to lunch] as a privilege, so the next few years are to filter kids out, and then people won’t even think about it.”

A version of this article appeared in print on 14 December 2011, on page 2 of The Shakerite.

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