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Speaking Up, Safely and Peacefully

Speaking Up, Safely and Peacefully

Julia Barragate, Campus and City Editor
March 7, 2017
Lisa Damour, director of Laurel School's Center for Research on Girls, said society has helped shrink girls' confidence.

School Isn’t Girls’ Problem; It’s Esteem

Nora Spadoni, Spotlight Editor
March 29, 2015
The new Shaker calendars, approved by the Board of Education on Jan. 13, extends Thanksgiving break two days and includes a week of professional days before school

New Calendars Extend Thanksgiving Break

Sara Mesiano, Campus and City Editor
February 11, 2015
In a training exercise, some high school students practice overwhelming an intruder while others evacuate the scene. As school shootings have continued, schools and law enforcement agencies have begun to adopt and rehearse more aggressive responses than the lockdowns legislated throughout the country in the years following the assault at Columbine High School 15 years ago.

In Lockdown Alternative, Students Don’t Hide

Audie Lorenzo, Anabel McGuan, Sara Mesiano, Nora Spadoni, and Ned Weingart
May 1, 2014

How Comfortable is Too Comfortable?

Anabel McGuan, Staff Reporter
January 22, 2014

IB TOK and APUSH Teachers Set to Change

John Vodrey, Campus and City Editor
July 24, 2013

Students Express Opinions on Achievement Gap

David Shakno, Liz Jacob, Ari Ross, Multimedia Editor, Web Editor in Chief, Raiderzone Editor
May 7, 2013

GSA and SGORR Come Together to Combat Homophobia in Shaker

Erica Seman, Spotlight Editor
April 25, 2012

Student Mayors Meet to Consider Solutions for School

Allie Harris, Campus and City Editor
February 27, 2012

After Visits, SGORR Members Cannot Eat in Restaurants

Allie Harris, Campus and City Editor
December 13, 2011
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