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SGORR members pose for their yearbook photo

Should SGORR Stay SGORR?

Zach Lehner and Silver Barker
June 15, 2020
What About The Rest Of Us?

What About The Rest Of Us?

Ainsley Snyder, Executive Managing Editor
May 28, 2019
More than 150 students, staff and parents gathered for the SGORR community forum Nov. 13 in the upper cafeteria of the high school.

SGORR Aims to Improve the Conversation

Quinn Cutri and Ashley Sah
November 21, 2018
The Shaker Bubble Has Burst

The Shaker Bubble Has Burst

Adonis Fryer, Guest 'Riter
November 14, 2018
Members of the high school’s chapter of the NAACP engage in discussion in Room 157. “Through the [NAACP’s] Race and Culture Committee, we’ll be doing different discussions and different activities, maybe even field trips, based around bringing racial and cultural awareness,” said Siraj Lee, senior and NAACP leader.

Bringing a National Presence to Shaker

Rowan Gingerich, Spotlight Editor
May 26, 2017
Participants discussed race and its role in recent events in their small groups, each discussion facilitated by a core leader.

SGORR Steps Forward

Mae Nagusky, Journalism I Reporter
November 17, 2016
Superintendent Gregory C. Hutchings talks to students in the hallway Friday, Nov. 11.

Community Reacts to Student Suspensions

Nora Spadoni and Julia Barragate
November 13, 2016
SGORR member Jonah Ricanati reads a question to the panel members on Dec. 3 at the Shaker Heights Main Library.

Public Forum Yields Goals to Help Close Achievement Gap

Emet Celeste-Cohen, Journalism I Reporter
December 15, 2015
Open SGORR Meeting Meets Expectations

Open SGORR Meeting Meets Expectations

Lily Roth and Yasmine Kayali, Staff Reporters
December 18, 2014
Senior Tiara Sargeant won the Princeton Prize in Race Relations from Princeton University for her program that connects inner-city and suburban youth. As part of her award, she received a free trip to a symposium on race relations at Princeton University. Here she is pictured with this year's 23 other recipients.

Bridging Gaps to Improve Race Relations

Anabel McGuan, Spotlight Editor
June 9, 2014
The Definition Dilemma

The Definition Dilemma

Shane McKeon, Print Editor in Chief
January 31, 2014
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