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More Than Just a Snap: The Snapchat Phenomenon Spreads

Bridget Cook, Allie Harris and Elana Ross, Spotlight Editors and Staff Reporter

December 11, 2012

Snapchat is a free app that lets you share pictures with friends for a maximum of 10 seconds or a minimum of 1 second. Launched in 2011, Snapchat has grown exponentially among users (mainly teens), with an average of 20 million...

Students React to Mark Freeman’s Career

John Vodrey, Sam Mitro, Maria Slovikovski, Staff Reporters

December 11, 2012

When the 2012-2013 schools year ends, so will 24 years of Shaker School District’s guidance under Superintendent Mark Freeman. Many Shaker students know Freeman for his record when it comes to cancelling school. “In all...

District Pays for Phones Confiscated Then Stolen

Julia Scharfstein, Campus and City Editor

March 20, 2012

Just this year, five or six confiscated phones were replaced by the school because they were stolen before they could be returned to the student. In most of the cases, the phones were stolen from a teacher’s desk. In one...

After Visits, SGORR Members Cannot Eat in Restaurants

Allie Harris, Campus and City Editor

December 13, 2011

The 250 students in Student Group on Race Relations are now prohibited from going out to lunch after they visit fourth-and sixth-grade classes. According to SGORR Coordinator Halle Bauer, the existing policy is now being enforced...

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