The Shakerite

A Note From Student Council

Juliet Bellin Warren

September 19, 2012

Hey, Shaker Raiders! My name is Juliet Bellin Warren and I am the student body president for the 2012-2013 school year. Over the next few weeks, Student Council will be sharing our duties with the class of 2016. Thanks to everyone...

After a Year on Ice, Dance Returns

Allie Harris, Campus and City Editor

February 27, 2012

Student Council worked for two years under the leadership of Social Committee Head Logan Davis to plan the Feb. 4. winter dance. Officially called the Snow Ball, the formal followed the concept of MORP, which is an inversion...

If the Pros Can Do It, We Can, Too

Walter Slovikovski, Guest 'Rite

November 21, 2011

It is interesting that the NFL, a multi-billion dollar industry, is not afraid of tackling a problem that it has faced, yet we always seem to look away when it comes to the behavior of our fans at sporting events. I have recently...

Rite Idea: School Spirit Equals War

November 21, 2011

A little competition is healthy, but how much is too much? The compulsive need to be the best class is tearing us apart instead of unifying us. The spirit day that took place the Friday before Homecoming stirred up lots of...

The Future of Shaker Dances

Allie Harris, Julia Scharfstein, Campus and City Editors

November 21, 2011

“What that really means is we don’t think we are capable of holding a safe event. If this decision came to be, then I would just cancel the dance altogether,” Principal Michael Griffith said. And with those words, Griffith...

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