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Change, but at What Cost?

Change, but at What Cost?

Ainsley Snyder, Spotlight Editor
May 24, 2018
Journalism II reporter Katie Cronin voices her perspective on the social media movement in response to the Santa Fe High School shooting.

If I Die in a School Shooting

Katie Cronin, Journalism II Reporter
May 23, 2018
Senior Emma Duhamel will attend The University of Cincinnati in the fall and plans to do an ethical analysis of current events. “There is no one else like Emma Duhamel. She is what gives me hope for the future,” said Staci Cohen, director of youth engagement at Fairmont Temple.

Creating Lasting Change

Emerson Coffman, Journalism II Reporter
May 22, 2018
Police form a blockade outside Jacks Casino where the shooting happened.

The Shots We Don’t Cheer For

Emilie Evans, Lifestyle Editor
June 29, 2016
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