Repurposed Food Raises Concerns About the Health and Taste of School Lunches

Wouldn’t it be so cool if yesterday’s slop was put on today’s pizza? That’s what I never think when I’m standing in the lunch line.

AVI has been repurposing food that was sold previously, either by selling it as an extra or by putting it on pizza. AVI has put all kinds of leftovers on pizza from breakfast sausage to bacon to buffalo chicken to mashed potatoes to macaroni and cheese.

 I had seen the first three of these frequently. When I heard about mashed potato pizza, my first reaction was “Eww…” and my second reaction was “Wait… What?” I don’t know what planet the people from AVI are from but I don’t understand why they think that putting mashed potatoes on pizza will help it sell.

Then my brother told me about Macaroni and Cheese Pizza. This time, my first reaction was “Are mashed potatoes out of style?” and my second reaction was “That must be really unhealthy!”

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