Marry Me, I Paid a Lot For This Idea!

A British company called The Proposers makes people pay thousands of dollars for ideas and help for proposals


The Proposers

On The Proposers’ website it includes several pictures of over the top proposals.

Having trouble coming up with a way to propose? Don’t worry! The Proposers can do it for you, as long as you’re fine with paying thousands of dollars and being insulted in the process.

The Proposers is a British company whose website explains how you can pay them to come up with a big way for you to ask someone to marry you.

While this may seem like an OK idea, The Proposers seem to be blowing it out of proportion as the TV industry has been doing these days. Shows like “The Bachelor” and so many others influence people by making them think that marriage and dating is a game. They tell you that your soul mate is one out of the 25 contestants and there has to be lots of drama and competition before you can chose someone and finally end up together. Since this started, marriage proposals have been redefined as extravagant and extreme — or lame. These proposals have become so big that regular people feel the need to top others and that anything they come up with couldn’t possibly be good enough. Then, in comes businesses such as The Proposers.

The home page of the website states, “The fact is, your partner is expecting a fairy tale. Believe us when we tell you everyone wants their proposal to be perfect. Doing it in front of the TV after a curry and a few beers just won’t do.” This is their way of making sure you know that you need them to come up with an extravagant proposal for you. When they see things like this, it’s not hard to understand why, when it comes to school dances, simply asking just won’t do. Students must do something huge.

The website then goes on to tell potential clients that, “Your proposal has to be unique, thoughtful and above all, memorable. And that’s where we come in.” As if your proposal will be forgotten if you don’t jump out a plane while doing it. Proposals by definition are “memorable.” How could you forget the day you asked someone to spend the rest of their life with you?

They then promise they can get you a yes, which of course will only happen if you do something TV-worthy. The fact that you and your partner are in love doesn’t have anything to do with what their response will be, apparently.“As the the leading marriage proposal and romantic event planners we can take the pressure off you and allow you to bask in the glory of the ‘yes.’ ” This makes me wonder who elected them as “the leading marriage proposal and romantic event planners,” because I certainly wouldn’t.

The Proposers finally propose a mild threat if you don’t hire them to help you act like you’re the star of a romantic movie. “You may or may not have given it much thought but we’re prepared to bet your partner has. So give them the dream proposal they have always wished for and get in touch – you’ve got nothing to lose (except your other half when they dump you for an embarrassing [sic] proposal).” Personally, I wouldn’t hire someone who told me I wouldn’t be able to get a fiance on my own. Maybe it’s time we stopped imitating every crazy idea TV shows us about asking personal questions in public settings. Next time a school dance approaches, rethink that $50 10-foot, flashy banner you’re about to drape across the cafeteria.

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