Griffith Responds to Pep Rally Proposal

Principal Michael Griffith addresses an open letter from Shakerite opinion editors regarding support for the field hockey team


Shaker students celebrate with the field hockey team on the field after their Oct. 26 win. They beat Hathaway Brown 3-1 to advance to the state final four.

Read the original letter from Shakerite opinion editors here.

It is fantastic that the Lady Raider’s Field Hockey Team earned the opportunity to play for the State Title this year. Everyone in the school community is very proud of them. We know how challenging the athletic season is and how difficult it is for any team to reach this point. Congratulations to the team and the coaching staff, whose hard work prepared the girls for this moment.

There are many ways we can support the team and give them a proper send off:

1. You can post signs throughout the building to support the players and team.

2. We can make PA announcements supporting the team on Thursday, Friday and Monday.

3. We can be present at 4:45pm on Thursday, outside the North Gym to show our support, as the team bus heads down to Columbus.

4. Students and staff can show to school on Friday dressed in Shaker Red to show there support for the team, and we can announce updates on the score.

5. Students and families can attend the games in Columbus on Friday, with parents’ approval, and on Saturday, to support the team and cheer them on to victory.

There are probably many other ideas that you could come up with that do not take away form instructional time to support the team, and affirm their effort.

On Thursday, we are holding a regular schedule and instruction will go on, including OGT testing, daily quizzes and/or tests, lessons planned by our excellent teachers. This is the same as what took place when the Men’s Hockey Team was down at States last year.

My hope is that everyone will find some way to wish the players well and acknowledge their tremendous accomplishment, by attending the game, or if not able to do so, by coming up with ideas like those shared above.

I wish the Lady Raiders the very best as they continue working to reach their goal. Give your best on the field, and win it all!!


Mr. Griffith

Michael Griffith is the principal of Shaker Heights High School.

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