Shakerite Announces 2014-2015 Staff


Will McKnight

2014-2015 Shakerite staff. From left to right, top to bottom: James Caffrey, Petey O’Neil, David Shakno, John Vodrey, Audie Lorenzo, Ned Weingart, Will McKnight, Dom Zagara, Andrew Boyle, Zach Reizes, Jonny Goldenberg, Franci Douglas, Madeline Hertz, Anabel McGuan, Nora Spadoni, Ella Shlonsky, Marcia Brown, Sara Mesiano, Abby White, Charna Katz, Alexandra Harris and Mariel Lustig.

The Shakerite has selected a new staff for the 2014-2015 school year. The 2013-2014 chief editors accepted applications and  interviewed candidates for editor in chief, web managing editor, print managing editor and multimedia managing editor. Once selected, the new chief editors accepted applications and  interviewed candidates for section editors, multimedia, advertisement and outreach. Learn how to join The Shakerite here.


Chief Editors

Editor in Chief: Marcia Brown, Class of 2015

Web Managing Editor: John Vodrey, ’15

Print Managing Editor: Abby White, ’15

Multimedia Managing Editor: David Shakno, ’15


Section Editors

Campus and City Editor: Sara Mesiano, ’16

Campus and City Reporter: Audie Lorenzo, ’17

Spotlight Editors: Anabel McGuan, ’17, Nora Spadoni, ’17

Raider Zone Editors: Ned Weingart, ’16, Hannah Heverling, ’15

Opinion Editors: Ella Shlonsky, ’16, Alexandra Harris, ’16

Enterprise Reporters: Jonny Goldenberg, ’15, Sophy Warner, ’15

One Page Shakerite Editor: Franci Douglas, ’16



Multimedia Editors: Madeline Hertz, ’15, Andrew Boyle, ’15, Elliot Srikantia, ’15

Staff Photographers: Ben Schelling, ’17, Will McKnight, ’15, Maggie Smith, ’15

Graphic Designers: Charna Katz, ’16, Petey O’Neil, ’15

Page Designer: Mariel Lustig, ’16



Chief Advertisement Manager: James Caffrey, ’15

Advertisement Managers: Dom Zagara, ’15, Kyle Whitlach, ’15



Director of Outreach: Zach Reizes, ’15


The Shakerite is advised by Natalie Sekicky.

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