Sarah Jacob, 2016 Secretary

Why did you decide to run?

“My sister would always talk about it,” Jacob said, referring to her older sister, senior Liz Jacob, who is active in Student Council. “I’ve always wanted to do it”

Did you run last year or at any other time? Have you held office previously?

It’s Jacob’s first time running for a Student Council office.

What’s your campaign strategy? Are you using social media?

Jacob used posters like the usual candidates, but also created a Facebook group to help get her name out there.

Why should people vote for you? What are your advantages over the other candidates?

“I’m very dedicated to everything I do,” Jacob said. She also said that  being new to the high school and to Student Council offers a fresh perspective to her class.

If elected, what three things would you need to achieve to feel you have been successful?

Jacob said she has new idea for Shaker T-shirts for her class, and was think of adding new Shaker merchandise — calf-highs and lanyards — to the school store. Fundraising is also on her agenda and will be addressed in her speech.

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