The Shakerite

James Ferguson, 2014 Secretary

Aaron Altchouler, Staff Reporter

May 9, 2013

Why did you decide to run? James Ferguson said he wants to provide a bridge between students and Student Council. "We need proper leadership to leave the proper legacy for our high school," he said. Did you run last year...

Sarah Jacob, 2016 Secretary

Kyra Horton, Staff Reporter

May 8, 2013

Why did you decide to run? "My sister would always talk about it," Jacob said, referring to her older sister, senior Liz Jacob, who is active in Student Council. "I've always wanted to do it" Did you run last year or at...

Alexandra Harris, 2016 Secretary

Hillary Lacks, Opinion Editor

May 8, 2013

Why did you decide to run? "I was secretary last year and I liked it. It's a cool group of kids. It's really fun, and I enjoyed doing it this year," Alexandra Harris said. She said she was also inspired to run by her sister,...

Megan Jones, 2015 Secretary

Amani Hill, Staff Reporter

May 7, 2013

Why did you decide to run? Megan Jones described Student Council as "something I really wanted to do for awhile," and this year she finally got the courage to run for secretary. "I love being a leader and I think it's a perfect...

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