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Flex, But Less Flexible

Students weigh in on the first day of mandatory Flex Block attendance
Alyson Garfield
Students who had not selected a Tuesday Flex Block activity were instructed to report to the large auditorium via a P.A. announcement at the end of sixth period.

“I just wanna go home early.”

That was junior Corbin Werry’s wish yesterday while waiting in the large auditorium for his turn to sign up for a Flex Block activity. 

Werry joined dozens of other students in the auditorium yesterday after sixth period. They were told to report there because they had not yet chosen a Flex activity. Students were given the opportunity to select activities via a Google Form during Crew last week. 

Flex Block, which started last year, occurs on even days (Tuesdays and Thursdays), taking the place of an 8th period class. During Flex Block, students can attend club meetings, get extra help or work within the community.

According to a frequently-asked-questions document from September 2022, attendance at Flex Block was not required last year. “It is our hope that all students engage” within the Flex Block. “There is no penalty for not participating,” the document stated. This year, however, attendance is mandatory from 2-3 p.m.

Some students, such as sophomore Eleanor Miller and junior Marcus McNeal, said they will attend because they have nothing better to do. McNeal plans to join kickball club.

Others said they would rather not go to Flex Block. Senior Zatoine Brown, who had selected a Thursday activity but not a Tuesday activity, would rather have an 8th period class. “It felt like a waste of time. You’re not really learning anything,” Brown said. The high school reduced the schedule to seven periods last year to make time for Flex Block.

Junior Gregory Quintanilla said he would only sign up for Flex activities because he has to. “I didn’t think I had to sign up for a Flex Block because I wanted to go to conferences,” he said.

“I think that if I were to be forced to have another hour of school — if it’s necessary and I have to have it, that’s fine — but I feel like I should get an academic credit for it, ” junior Josie Thomas said. 

When asked if they plan to attend their Flex Block activities, Thomas replied, “Unfortunately, yes.”

Photo Editor Alyson Garfield, Policy Reporter Will Stewart, Sportswriting Reporter Baiden Sabino and Flex Reporters Bridget Barragate, Sarah Holbrook, Leah Reymann and Nia Worley contributed reporting.

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