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How to Walk Up the Down Stairs and Down the Up Stairs: Don’t

Alexandra Harris, Opinion Editor

September 9

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We’ve all done it. In a moment of weakness, with seconds to spare in between classes. The coast is clear; no security guards in sight. You can practically hear it calling your name. Every fiber of your being is telling...

Raider Zone Coverage of Men’s Tennis Falls Short

May 19

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To the Editor: This letter really is directed at Raider Zone but can also be of help to the Shakerite. As a member of the varsity tennis team, I was somewhat, well actually I was very disappointed that the team got no recognition. Al...

The ‘Many Others’ Have Feelings, Too

Bridget Cook, Anna Hundert, Shane McKeon, Ezra Zigmond

April 23

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It was neither respectful nor responsible for the district to publish the post “Seniors Accepted to Impressive Array of Colleges” April 21. The post enumerated how many Shaker students were admitted to each Ivy League school; it we...

LGBT Groups Debate Same-Sex Marriage Date

Marcia Brown, Managing Editor

March 17

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“So much has happened in two years,” said senior Lucy Richman, Gay-Straight Alliance president. “It’s hard to tell what will happen in the next year.” As she spoke of the great progress of the LGBT rights movement, ...

The award-winning Shaker Heights High School student news organization