Students and Staff Comment on Abercrombie Controversy

Recently, comments made by Abercrombie CEO Mike Jeffries resurfaced. These comments speak about how Jeffries does not want overweight or unattractive people to wear his brand’s clothing.

People across America have been speaking out against Jeffries and his comments. Here is what a few Shaker staff members and students have to say about it:

“It’s disappointing. It is the wrong image students need to hear,” said history teacher Amanda Ahrens. “They could send a positive message because of all the power they have, but they choose to send a negative one. It would be powerful if students came out against this.”

Senior Annie Stout, a former employee of a store owned by Mike Jeffries, said, “I quit because I felt really pressured to fit a certain look. The whole working environment was not pleasant because I felt like I had to live up to a certain image expectation.”
“I just think it’s really shallow and rude,” said freshman Brianna Bagakas. “To not sell what he considers plus-size is just discriminative.”

“I think it’s offensive that somebody of that high of power would say something so offensive to so many people,” said freshman Canyon McWilliams. “I think he really needs to rethink his ways.”
“I think you could kind of see it coming, by the way they treat people in the store,” said freshman Dana Weinberg. “Kids could see it coming more than adults did. I think it was much more of a blow to adults than kids.”

Substitute teacher Safiyyah Muhammad said Jeffries is stereotyping. “They could make only small sizes and not publicize that they do not sell anything larger. People that are overweight and into designer clothes will be offended.”

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