Stuck on the Second Floor

At 10:24 a.m. today, the school lights falshed ominously. Two minutes later, the lights were no longer flickering. The end is near. The longer I sit here, I realize that I am stuck on the second floor. Without electricity, the elevator doesn’t work. I could crutch up the stairs, but I literally could fall and die.

Thus, I am stuck on the second floor. Timmy and Sammy are no help! I need spotters! I can’t go up without at least three friends, and I definitely can’t go down the stairs without at least 10 friends.

But first, the spotters need a lesson. Their hands should form spoons, not forks, so if I fall, which is probable, they won’t claw me in my graceful descent down at least nine steps.

So, for now, I am stuck in this class. I may never see the first floor again.

And now I know the dangers that exist outside of this classroom. “It is dark everywhere,” according to Mary Lynne McGovern, academic adviser and voice of the blackout announcements.

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