3/15 My Crutches Are No Longer Separate Entities

Recently, I’ve noticed a trend. I tend to leave my crutches in rather hazardous places. As much as I try not to put them where people will trip, people somehow always manage to get there foot stuck on them. Maybe it’s just the fact that when Sammy and Timmy are lying down they are easily tripped upon–they’re a perfect shape for that, you see.

Of course, it makes a really loud noise. They usually jump a little. Shocked by their clumsiness.Then they apologize profusely. Repeating over and over again: “Are you ok? Did I hurt you? I’m so sorry!”

“I’m fine, I tell you, I’m fine.” I promise…as fine as I can be on crutches. But I came to the realization: I think these people think the crutches are attached to me–that if they kick the crutches they are kicking me.

Ok, I know I’ve been on these  a while now but Sammy and Timmy are metal objects! It doesn’t hurt me if you give them a little kick when they’re lying down.

However, there is another possibility. These people feel more sorry for their own possibilities. One man tripped over them and after the classic apology said he was worried he’d end up like me.

Oh, great. Now I’m what not to be.

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