2/19 The Crutch Can

“Move along now,” the security guard said.

“But I have a dance!” I protested.

“Why don’t you just demonstrate for him, Marcia?” my friend said, quite amused at my antics. Of course.

“Yeah, check this out!” I said.

I hopped sideways on my crutches. I went backwards. I went forwards. I did a 360. It was really graceful, I know it was. I ignored my friend’s expression. I should choreograph a whole dance, I thought to myself as I crutched sideways again. It was much showier the second time. Definitely more interesting than the first time. I think I got the facial expression just right.

“Can you do a backflip?” the security guard asks.

“Don’t tempt her,” my friend responded.

“I can try!” I amended, much too confidently.

I managed to hoist myself up on my arms and kick my feet out. That was as far as I got. It was at least a half flip, I will give my self that much.

To redeem myself, my friend and I made up for the half a backflip with a kick line. A lopsided one, but a kick line.

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