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Shaker Hockey’s Biggest Fan Looks Back on Bartley

Walter Slovikovski, Guest Writer

July 21, 2013

I have followed Shaker hockey since the early 1990s. With some really great teams, some average teams and some teams that struggled, the one constant was Head Coach Mike Bartley. I have known Coach to be a very gentle and soft-spoken...

Council Pencil Sale Defies Bake-Sale Law

Julia Scharfstein, Campus and City Editor

February 27, 2012

The Junior Student Council organized pencil sales during February in which they sold pencils for $1 and gave away free baked goods. Some people saw the pencil sale as a way to get around a state law that prohibits bake sales....

Breath Tests Identify 7 Underage Drinkers at the Hockey Game

Bridget Cook and Clara Medalie, Staff Reporters

December 13, 2011

Seven students were arrested at the Dec. 2 varsity hockey game at Thornton Park after Breathalyzer tests revealed they had consumed alcohol. The students, two aged 18 and seven minors, were taken from the student section by...

Slovikovski Reacts to Police Intervention

December 13, 2011

Were you pleased with the actions that the police and administration took at Friday’s hockey game? "The adults are trying to save you guys from yourselves. Somebody’s got to step in and get control of the behavior. If the...

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Walter Slovikovski