The Shakerite

Does Success After High School Come Without College?

Anna O'Connell, Spotlight Editor

March 26, 2013

Shaker students are expected to do one thing after completing high school: go to college. Few people question the belief that the fast track to success is through education. For most students, this is an accepted idea; they recognize...

Common Application Should Be Common

Samantha Weisner, Opinion Editor

September 19, 2012

As I began applying to college, I looked through the list of schools that use the Common Application. I was unpleasantly surprised to find out that only one of the four schools I was applying to does. Several of my older friends...

Remote Control Prank Caused Confusion

Clara Medalie, Campus and CIty Editor

May 30, 2012

  French teacher Eileen Willis arrived at school April 25 ready to teach a prepared lesson on her SMART board, but when she tried to turn on the classroom’s projector, her plans quickly fell apart. Willis couldn’t...

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