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An Instagram post using demeaning language about African-Americans was taken down by the user soon after it was posted. The user replaced it with an apology and explanation, followed by a picture of the police report she completed.

Student Denies Posting Racist Comments

Astrid Braun, Editor in Chief
May 23, 2018
Police cars could be seen outside a window in the high school during a

“Stay in Place” Drill Catches Students and Staff Off-Guard

Astrid Braun and Zachary Nosanchuk
April 11, 2018
The reply-all chain that occurred Feb. 6 was less disruptive, with only 19 replies to the morning announcements email. These emails ranged from a multicolored picture sent repeatedly to The Constitution of the Russian Federation and the word “Goose.”

“Oof!” They Did it Again

Katie Cronin, Journalism II Reporter
February 7, 2018
Be Safe, Be Respectful and Sweep Problems Under The Rug

Be Safe, Be Respectful and Sweep Problems Under The Rug

Madi Hart, Guest 'Rite
January 9, 2018


Katie Cronin, Journalism I Reporter
December 4, 2017

Factory-Style Schools are Obselete

Shane McKeon, Staff Reporter
February 27, 2012
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