Writers, Directors Set to Bring New Stages 30 to Life

The writers and directors for New Stages 30 were announced Feb. 17.

• “Auf Weder Sehen,” written by Barbara Craig, will be directed by Jonah Weinstein.

• “Blood is Thicker than Ketchup,” written by Graham Fine, will be directed by Hannah McCandless.

• “Boujetto,” written by Diamond Miller, will be directed by Kevin Parker. “IBF,” written by Allegra Verlezza, will be directed by Ford Shelton.

• “Murder in the Worst Degree,” written by Josh Barnett, will be directed by Brendan O’Connell.

• “Paint Brushes, Canvasses, and the Art of Giving Up,” written by Claire Lawrence, will be directed by Kristen Leonard.

New Stages will be presented Mar. 14-17.

From left to right (top): Claire Lawrence, Kristen Leonard, Jonah Weinstein, Hannah McCandless, Ford Shelton, Brendan O’Connell, Kevin Parker, Diamond Miller

(bottom): Barbara Craig, Graham Fine, Allegra Verlezza, Josh Barnett

A version of this article appeared in print on 28 February 2012, on page 12 of The Shakerite.

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