VIDEO: Women on the Women’s March

Editor-in-Chief Nora Spadoni documents her trip to Washington, D.C., to join thousands of women in a massive march to advocate for women’s issues.

Recently, my friend, Abby Kagan, and I travelled to D.C. to participate in the Jan. 21 Women’s March on Washington. We marched alongside women and men who came from as far as Canada and as near as Maryland, some who were there to protest the new president and others who wanted simply to advocate for women’s issues.

The march was disorganized. In fact, there wasn’t one march so much as 7 or 12; rivulets of protestors who poured through traffic and created lines 15 deep for the Port-A-Potties. There wasn’t a unifying message, as critics were quick to point out. There were more white women than women of color. I won’t pretend the march wasn’t flawed, but I will say that, as a person who was there, I felt a remarkable sense of sisterhood, empowerment, and resilience. It was a day on which I felt like I could make a lot noise (literally) and embrace my feminism.

I brought my video camera to the march, and we interviewed as many women and men as were willing to talk to me. Here is a compilation of those interviews, that I hope conveys the march’s intense spirit and optimism. 

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