From the Dirt to the Stage, Hutchings Strikes a Unique Leadership Pose

As the new superintendent's 2013 comes to an end, The Shakerite has compiled some of our favorite photos

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We’re nearing the end of Superintendent Gregory C. Hutchings’ first calendar year in charge.

So far, Dr. Hutchings has placed a greater focus on community and visibility than his predecessor Mark Freeman, best seen in Hutchings’ all-staff convocation in August, wherein the entire district staff came to the high school for a pep rally-like celebration.

Unlike Freeman, Hutchings has his own Twitter account (@DrHutchings) where, among other things, he Tweets photos from his day. We’ve compiled our favorite photos from his Twitter, and thrown in a few other ones our staff has taken so far.

Check out the gallery below.

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  • A rare photo of Hutchings with a tie.

    Eric England/The Nashville Scene

  • Hutchings greets teachers before his convocation speech.

  • Hutchings giving his speech. Hutchings' convocation speech was based on Martin Luther King Jr.'s 'I Have a Dream' speech.

  • Hutchings brought his kindergarten teacher to speak at this August's convocation.

  • Hutchings shoots some pucks with junior hockey player Nathan Christman.

  • Hutchings tweeted this photo of his gardening with Boulevard students in October.

  • Hutchings stopped by the Shakerite room on Halloween to show off his costume.

  • Hutchings tweeted this selfie on Election Day. 'Many marched and protested for voting thankful for their perseverance!'

  • Hutchings tweeted this photo of his 'working on fitness w/ Lomond students' Dec. 4.

  • Hutchings tweeted this photo of him shopping at the 'WhatKnot,' a bowtie company.

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