Taking The Lounge: A Long Wait, Underwhelming Result

For three years we’ve watched the mysterious figures behind the textured glass as we go about the lunchroom. Not even a peek was permitted into this forbidden senior sanctuary. What goes on behind that elusive gray barrier that guards the senior lounge?
In reality, not much. The lounge consists of a ping pong table, Foosball table, a row of computers, and some tables and chairs. However, it does boast a handful of comfy couches and a TV. The senior lounge’s purpose is to allow the class to have a place of its own as well as a venue for free period “lounging.” Though the room itself is not particularly spectacular, the exclusive aspect of the room causes underclassmen to dream of the day it belongs to them. Sophomore Kylie Boyle said “I’m excited to be a senior so I have the opportunity to go to the lounge as I please without being with underclassmen.”
Senior Daja Tucker said “It’s not really what I expected because [class of] 2013 made it look so fun. Plus, our class is really divided. Just look at it right now!” Tucker gestured to the two clearly separate groups occupying the lounge first period.
Many imagine the senior lounge as a place where the class comes together in its final year at the high school. So far, however, this unity is nowhere to be found. “I just feel like our class is very separated,” senior Kala Johnson said, who went on to express her disappointment at the class unification at events such as beach day and senior kickoff.
Some think spending a whole free period in the lounge with only homework to do is less than entertaining. Senior Jack Hanley said “I mean it’s kinda lame. We need an Xbox!”

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