New Office Fountain Receives Mixed Reviews

Main office fountain fills bottles, but users say water temperature, pressure need work


Audie Lorenzo

Sophomore Danny Mathakour drinks from the new main office water fountain.

A new water fountain has been installed in the main office that employs new technology, but dispenses water at a lower temperature and pressure.

The new fixture replaces the popular office fountain, which was decades old and considered the best in the building. It is wider and deeper than its predecessor.

The new fountain features a water bottle filler and counts how many bottles it has filled. As of Oct. 22, it had filled 302 bottles.

The old water fountain currently resides in the basement hallway by the ceramics and jewelry room.

“They are probably going to recycle the old one,” said maintenance mechanic Tom Vanderpool, who installed the new fountain.

“I think it’s great. It’s not as cold,” main office secretary Mae Morrical said. “We’re going to try and get it colder.”

The old water fountain measured 14.5 inches deep, compared to the new one, which protrudes 18 inches. They both measure about 18 inches across.

“It fit differently, so I had to change a lot of connections,” said Vanderpool. “The connections were different on the new fountain.”

“The water is warm,” sophomore Ben Livingston said. “There’s no water pressure. It’s bad.”

The old water fountian waiting to be recycled in the basement.
The old water fountian waiting to be recycled in the basement.


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