Shakerite Announces 2016-2017 Staff


The Shakerite has selected a new staff for the 2016-2017 school year. The 2015-2016 chief editors accepted applications and  interviewed candidates for editor in chief, print managing editor, media managing editor, web managing editor and journalism managing editor. Once selected, the new chief editors accepted applications and  interviewed candidates for section editors and reporters, multimedia, and business. Learn how to join The Shakerite here.


Chief Editors

Editor in Chief: Nora Spadoni, Class of 2017

Print Managing Editor: Grace Lougheed, ’18

Media Managing Editor: Zachary Nosanchuk, ’18

Web Managing Editor: Lily Roth, ’18

Journalism Managing Editor: Yasmine Kayali, ’18


Section Editors/Reporters

Campus and City Editor: Julia Barragate, ’18

Campus and City Reporters: Katrina Cassel, ’19, Abigail Aronoff, ’18

Investigations Editors: Emet Celeste-Cohen, ’19, Astrid Braun, ’19

Investigations Reporter: Elena Weingart, ’18

Spotlight Editors: Emily Boardman, ’18, Rowan Gingerich, ’19

Spotlight Reporter: Phillip Kalafatis, ’18

Lifestyle Editors: Emilie Evans, ’19, Maggie Spielman, ’18

Raider Zone Editors: Alexa Jankowsky, ’18, Don Benincasa ’18

Opinion Editors: Emily Montenegro, ’18, Hannah Kornblut, ’18

Columnists: Lauren Smith, ’17, Claire Ockner, ’19, Ellie Vahey, ’19

Enterprise Reporter: Ana Yasinsky, ’19

Copy Chief: Anabel McGuan, ’17

Copy Editors: Sarah Grube, ’18, Andrew Mohar, ’18

Staff Reporters: Izzy Markey ’19, Zion Cole, ’17


Multimedia Team

Chief Technology Specialist: Dan Falokun, ’17

Multimedia Editor: Ose Arheghan,

Photo Editors: Joshua Price, ’17, Jayla Thornton, ’17

Photo Illustrators: Abigail Aronoff, ’18, Isiah Gatheright, ’17

Staff Photographers: Madi Hart, ’18, Malik Joseph, ’18, Maggie Dant, ’18, Leah Marek, ’18, Kristi Seman, ’17, Enna van den Akker, ’18, Mimi Ricanati, ’17, Brynn Williams, ’18

Illustrator: Connor Henning ’18


Business Team

Chief Business Manager: Christopher Min, ’19

Advertisement Manager: Greyson Turner, ’18

Marketing Manager: Audie Lorenzo, ’17



The Shakerite is advised by Natalie Sekicky.

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