Octopi Tentacles Find Shaker’s Clocks

Around the school orange and red octopi have shown up stuck to clocks, Purell dispensers and calculators.

These octopi are not just any octopi; they’re Custom Ink T-Shirt stickers, and their tentacles are sticking to any flat surface. The mischief originated during advisory Feb. 26.

Sophomore Dylan Kaiser found roughly 50 Custom Ink stickers in his advisory period. “They didn’t seem of any importance to anyone, they were gathering dust in the corner.”  After he began “sticking them throughout the school” and told his friends, “they were very intrigued.” Kaiser and the group of four students then divvied the stickers up at lunch “so they could all join me.”

“We aimed for things that people see all the time like clocks . . . and clocks,” sophomore David Carter said.

The stickers, however, have begun to disappear. According to a custodian, the stickers must be removed from clocks—not necessarily from lockers but definitely from clocks. The stickers must be removed from things that people use or see regularly.  “I hope that I didn’t make a janitor’s day any tougher,” Kaiser said.

“We need more people and more stickers,” Carter said in response.  “I have a dream that one day stickers will be able to inhabit the hallways of Shaker Heights High School.”

This was “one small step for man; one giant leap for stickers,” Carter said.

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