New Room Numbers Give High School a Fresh Look

PTO Co-President Renee Boyle seeks small but effective changes within the high school


Audie Lorenzo

Custodian painting over stenciled room numbers Sept. 1, 2015.

New school year new look!

The new red and white room numbers were two years in the making.

“Room numbers were not consistent. We had some complaints from staff who wanted to make it easier to see,” said Parent-Teacher Organization Co-President Renee Boyle. “Some of the stencilled room numbers looked kind of institutional, so we wanted them to look more professional.”

The idea to redo room numbers was introduced two years ago. Boyle started to walk the hallways second semester of last year in an effort to figure out a plan to fix the numbers.

Over the summer, PTO redid certain signs and maps around the school to help make the school easier to navigate.

“The school asked us to help with replacing signs, so we piggybacked that into room numbers,” Boyle said.

The new and improved room numbers on September 8, 2015.
Audie Lorenzo
The new and improved room numbers Sept. 8, 2015.

The PTO has not only been focusing on room numbers and signs, but this summer volunteers also painted the teachers’ lounge, updating portions of the rooms’ gray walls with a blue-green hue from Sherwin-Williams, which donated the paint.

“The Parent-Teachers Organization made the teachers’ lounge look much better,” said receptionist Mae Morrical. “They wanted to do something to cheer up the teachers.”

The black, stenciled room numbers have all been replaced by 9-inch by 5-inch vinyl rectangular stickers that feature room numbers in white.

“I think it is much easier to find the room numbers now, and they look fashionable! I have to go to different classrooms a lot as a intervention specialist, so to me, it’s very beneficial,” said intervention and reading specialist Colleen Grams.

“They pop out more. I definitely will be able to navigate the halls better,” said sophomore Charlie Miller. “They’re a great addition to our school!”

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