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How to Survive Conference Day

This year, parent-teacher conferences will happen earlier and more often.

For the first time, conferences will occur at the end of the first quarter Oct. 26 instead of during mid- November. Another round of conferences will happen Feb. 22.

Kayla Latten thinks two conference days are necessary. “I think it’s a good thing to check in on me,” she said.  

But Kendra Hughley thinks two conference days are too many. “I don’t think it’s necessary because if they need to, they can call my mom or dad,” Hughley said.

Conferences are meant to inform parents about your behavior and grades. Academic adviser Mary Lynn McGovern used to organize conference day before scheduling became electronic, and she has participated in many conferences with students and their parents.

“Nobody feels good about getting bad grades,” said McGovern, but, she added students should concentrate on “making choices that will help you reach your goal.”

Although the thought of your parents finding out all that you’ve been doing (or not doing) may be terrifying, don’t worry; there are things you can do to soften the impact of your parents’ visit to school.

“Make choices that are going to make you feel proud of your achievements or how you’re doing in school,” said McGovern.

Before conference day:

Find out which teachers your parents are going to see.

Participate in class.

Go to after-school conferences.

Turn in missing homework.

While your parents are at conference day:

Clean the house.

Do any chores that parents have been asking you to do for weeks.

Finish any homework assigned.

After your parents return home from conference day:

Ask parents if they need you to do anything around the house.

Tell parents your plan to improve your grades next quarter and how they can help you. “If parents were included in the plan, it’s more likely you’ll follow it,” McGovern said.

During conferences parents will most likely ask what their child should do to bring up their grade. A good way to avoid this conversation in the future is to follow the advice given right away.

Nya Hardaway has a plan to help ensure a good result on conference day.  “Making breakfast and making sure [my] parent(s) are in the happiest mood,” she said.  

Latten’s plans are less complicated. What will she do during conferences? 


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