Quiz: What Do Teacher Comments Mean?

1.When your teacher circles a word on your paper, it means:

a. The word is misspelled.
b.“I love this word!”
c. The word is in the wrong tense.
d. Replace the circled word.

2.When your teacher puts a question mark next to a word or sentence, it means:

a. Are you sure about this?
b. “Huh?”
c. What were you thinking when you wrote this?
d. Place a question mark here.

3.When your teacher underlines a phrase or sentence, it means:

a. Underline these words.
b. The teacher disagrees with your argument.
c. You’ve made a grammatical error.
d. The teacher agrees with your argument.

4.When your teacher puts a check mark next to a point you’ve made, it means:

a. You wrote a sound argument.
b. The teacher will refer to this checkmark when tallying your grade.
c. Check the facts in this sentence.
d. You met one of the assignment’s requirements.

5.When a teacher writes “awk.” on your essay, it means:

a. Rethink this sentence.
b. A word used is awkward.
c. This sentence has awkward structure.
d. The sentence makes them feel awkward.

Answers: 1. a, c and d. 2. a, b and d. 3. b, c and d. 4. a, b and d. 5. a, b and c.

A version of this article appeared in print on 8 February 2012, on page 12 of The Shakerite.


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