10 Minutes to Tell it All

Open House offers parents glimpses of their students’ days

After hearing their children’s view of their teachers and classes for almost three weeks, parents will experience an abbreviated version of their children’s day in person tonight at the high school’s annual Open House.  

During the event, also known as Curriculum Night, parents will follow their student’s schedule and go to the corresponding classes from 7-9 p.m.. Each class will meet for 10 minutes, with the exception of first period being 20 minutes long to allow for announcements. During these 10 minutes, teachers will explain their classroom policies and expectations for the class.

“Curriculum Night is a nice way to put names with faces and open the line of communication,” said English teacher Jody Podl, who is also a Shaker parent. She uses this opportunity to give 

I do think that the 10 minutes is very short

— Geoffrey Gainford

parents her contact information. She intends to give parents the course syllabus as well, which will let parents know what their child is learning.

Science teacher Geoffrey Gainford said curriculum night can give parents an idea of what to do if their student struggles during the school year. “Very often what’s built into the grading policy are the steps they can take to make sure that the student does not fall behind, or what they need to get caught up or need to do to obtain a certain grade or maintain a certain grade.

“I do think that the 10 minutes is very short,” for parents and teachers to fully communicate, Gainford said. “If given more time, then the curriculum can be discussed so that the parents have a better idea of what is being taught.”

Before the curriculum night schedule begins, parents can learn more about the spring break service trip to Peru. This will be the last informational meeting and will be held at 6 p.m. in Room 161.

Parents of new students can learn how to operate ProgressBook in the library computer lab between 6:15-8:15 p.m.

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