The Unscheduled Bell Schedule

After a week of school, we have already experienced four different bell schedules. Students have noticed that it has become extremely hard to settle into our classes when we have not retained one specific daily routine.

Sophomore Jamie Semel is frustrated with the fact that we have not been on a regular schedule. “It really bothers me that we have had all of these crazy schedules within the first week of school. It’s stressful,” Semel said.

Starting high school is difficult enough for the freshmen, and adding constantly changing schedules doesn’t help them settle into the unfamiliar environment. “It’s hard because you don’t have the repetitive schedule to learn. It’s really confusing,” freshman Lisha Payne said.

Adjusting to the school year after a long summer is hard enough, why make it more difficult for us to fall back into routine? We believe that for the first week of school we should at least uphold a constant schedule so that we can return to normal. At least we’ll be able to expect that this week will be somewhat average. Oh wait…it won’t.

We already had Monday off for Labor Day and thursday is Rosh Hashanah, which serves as the source of yet another school day missed.

Regularly, we would all be psyched about having only a three-day-week, but it makes it even harder for us as students when it’s only in the second week of school. Hopefully, next year will prove better.

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