Careless Parking Provokes Student Frustration

People who park more than two feet in behind the car in front of them at school are just asking to be called out. While driving around the school in the morning looking for a parking spot, seeing a spot that is big but not quite big enough for a full car makes me cringe. I simply do not understand why you need that much space.

Sure, it might be a little trickier to pull out with less than six feet of space in front of you. However, you passed the maneuverability test, so I know that you know how to pull drive both forwards and backwards in a tight space.

While driving around the school in the morning, I always see at least 10 cars parked in a way that they take up two parking spots. If they pulled forwards there would be at least 10 more spots around the school. That doesn’t seem like a lot when you think about it, but if you were the one to get one of those ten spots, I’m sure you would appreciate it.

Junior Avery Oberfeld has a free first period and does not get to school until second period. “It’s so frustrating driving around the school and seeing so many spots that are just too small for my car. If everyone pulled up so they were closer to the car in front of them, people who don’t get to school right at 7:30 to get a perfect spot would be able to park so much closer.”

One day at school, my car got hit by the driver in front of me while they were pulling out at the school. I was parked a solid two feet behind this car, and I know they had a decent amount of room in front of them as well. The car hit and dented the right side of my front bumper and did not stay or leave anything with their contact information. A weird thing about this situation was that the right side of my bumper was hit and the right side of my car was the side that was close to the curb. That means this driver must have been way over the curb when they were pulling back. Perhaps the drivers who do not know how to pull out of a small spot are not just trying to be annoying and take up two spaces, but they need to have their driving skills reevaluated.

Sure, a student parking lot might help this situation. It would also help if students could park in the teacher’s spots that are not taken. However, the first step to getting more spots at school is by not taking up two of them. No, walking five minutes from a parking spot to the school isn’t the end of the world. I am completely fine with that, as long as when I am looking for a spot around the school, there are none that I see that are just too small to fit another car.

If you are just parking this way to aggravate people, you deserve to have your car towed. If you are parking this way because you want to make it easier for yourself to pull out, you should probably get your driving skills checked. And lastly, if you are parking this way because you simply think that the front of your car is, in fact, taking up the six feet you provide for it, you are just incorrect and should pull up. I know I won’t always get the spot that is created by a car pulling up, but as long as I don’t see a spot that is just too small for my car, I will be content.

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