Remembering Chardon

Two years ago, on Feb. 27, 2012, a school shooting at Chardon High School claimed the lives of three students and hospitalized another three.

Once called the fourth-best place to raise a family in America, the town of Chardon was shocked when tragedy struck. However, in the face of a disaster like this, the community knew it needed to band together. Three days after the shooting, 1,100 kids marched hand-in-hand to the high school.

The rest of the nation was just as surprised, especially areas closest to the tragedy. Many people in Ohio even showed support of Chardon’s recovery by wearing their school color, red, a few days after the shooting.

But this upsetting incident was different than the others we had heard about from time to time in the media. The scare of the shooting was much more personal than in the past. Chardon High School is a mere 40 minutes away from Shaker Heights High School, so the events hit close to home.

Although it’s not a commonly remembered date for the Shaker community, others at SHHS had loved ones in the building at Chardon that day and, although none were injured, these members of our community will never forget. The high school was to practice a lockdown drill this week, but it was rescheduled to minimize further disruptions to the school day. We’re glad for this change; it may spare many from reliving the sad day at Chardon High School two years earlier.

So tomorrow, let’s appreciate another safe day at school, and try to remember to wear a little red to show support for our Chardon neighbors and friends.

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