Raider Zone Coverage of Men’s Tennis Falls Short

To the Editor:

This letter really is directed at Raider Zone but can also be of help to the Shakerite. As a member of the varsity tennis team, I was somewhat, well actually I was very disappointed that the team got no recognition. Allan Slawson,the 2nd winningest high school tennis coach in Ohio history came back to Shaker this year and brought the team to the round of 32 in the team tournament and improved the team’s record from four wins and 11 losses last season to 9-7. I know that tennis is by no means a popular high school sport, but I feel that this team deserves some sort of recognition from our school’s paper. We were in my mind the most successful men’s spring sport this year, also coming in second in the NOC tournament and performing well in the Lexington Invitational against the best teams in Ohio. I hope this doesn’t come off the wrong way, but the Shaker tennis community has just been re-energized by Coach Slawson and some new players and next year we have Wilder Grier, a highly touted prospect, who was persuaded by Coach Slawson to stay in Shaker. I hope you understand where I am coming from. Thank you so much for all you do as a paper, and I am blessed to get all of the information I do. Go Raiders!


May 19, 2014


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