Pop Culture Shock: Revolutionary Playlist

Six songs that will push you to fight for what you believe in


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The Beatles member John Lennon

Today, one of the biggest fights Americans face is against the rise of bigotry. Though discrimination and oppression have always been present, they have recently become more mainstream due to the apathy of some of our political leaders. But in times of stress, there is one thing that can unite us: music. Here are six songs that should be the revolutionary playlist to enliven social and political action.

“Like A Girl,” Lizzo

This feminist, glass-ceiling-shattering song can encourage us to embrace ourselves.

It pushes every person to be their own inspiration. When you listen to this song, remember to be just like Lizzo: Go against outdated expectations and fight for others’ equality.

“Love Is A Good Thing,” Sheryl Crow

Though this song was released in 1996, it is even more relevant today. Crow references gun violence and political incompetence. She references Walmart’s practice of selling guns, which led the company to discontinue her album’s sale in its thousands of stores. She fought for what was right despite the risks she faced, a lesson we should all take heed of. 

“Revolution,” Misterwives

In a world constantly bombarded with negativity and tragedy, we all complain and try to fathom the terror we have not seen before. This song pushes us to turn our fear and anger into action. “We need to make a change for a new day,” the track preaches.

“Radio, Radio,” Elvis Costello

This song truly was revolutionary. Costello, known for his strong political anthems, called out the very thing that was capable of amplifying his career: the radio. He criticizes censorship by the British Broadcasting Company. When invited to appear on “Saturday Night Live,” he changed his performance last minute to this song, and he was banned from the show for seven years. Though we may not face the same problems Costello did, we can follow in his footsteps and call out those in power. 

“Strangers,” The Kinks

Just as this song describes, we all face the same future. Change only occurs when passionate people join forces. In a time of division in our nation, we need a sense of unity and love to connect us all. “Strangers on this road we are on, we are not two we are one,” Ray Davies sings. 

“Imagine,” John Lennon

Once you’ve been inspired by all these moving songs and artists, let yourself dream and awe at the possibilities of the future. This global classic breaks down all barriers created by labels and joins humanity together based on love. “I hope some day you’ll join us,” Lennon sings, “and the world will live as one.”

Whenever you feel helpless or small in such a large world with so much malice, hit play on these songs and let them remind you that we are all capable of making change.

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