Passing the Ball to Griffith: Give Field Hockey Team a Proper Sendoff

Dear Mr. Griffith,

Halloween is not the only thing happening Thursday. Our Raider field hockey team thumped HB 3-1 Saturday and for the first time in 17 years, is headed to Columbus for the state semifinals on Thursday night.

We can’t let them go without a proper send off!

After a successful Homecoming Fest, we have proved that we can handle ourselves in a pep rally situation. And with many groups unable to attend the actual game on Friday — whether for football, marching band or hockey tryouts — you need to create a way for everyone to participate by cheering on our team Thursday during the last 15 minutes of 10th period; teachers are tired of our costumes and sugar rushes by then, anyway.

Last winter when our hockey team made it to the state semifinals, buses were available for students to travel to Columbus, and the turnout resulted in hundreds. After the hockey team’s victory, Student Council quickly created hockey championship T-shirts, which were widely purchased. Those were all good ways to foster spirit, but none of them got us all together as one Shaker nation. It’s been a long time since a women’s sports team has made it this far. Why not seize this chance to support them and build spirit school-wide?

Mr. Griffith, we have proved that we can behave during a pep rally-like setting, and surely can show our support for Shaker sports teams. At the end of tenth period Thursday afternoon, the school should hold a send-off for the field hockey team to wish them luck and congratulate them on how far they’ve come.

What do you say?

Students and teachers, if you agree (or don’t) leave a comment below to share your opinion with Mr. Griffith.


The Shakerite


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