Parents React To Security Changes

The district has taken several steps (with more to come) to improve security at the high school after a rape allegedly occurred on campus. Officials maintain that they had already begun reviewing security procedures before the incident, but that it expedited the process. Read The Shakerite’s cover story on security practices here. High school parents responded below:

“I think the school and administrators were on top of it and that the safety of all our kids is paramount. I feel like the community of Shaker Heights High School is better for the new security efforts.” Jessica Semel

“I thought the administration did well at getting the word out and assuring worried parents of their kids safety. It made me feel much more secure knowing that the school is aware and taking action to protect the students.” Janice Harris

“It is sad that the school had to add more [substitute] security guards but I understand why. It’s not comforting to know that they had to add more [substitute] security guards because of [the incident] though.” Michael Jaffe

“Everything they do to make the school safer is great and the devices at the doors sound like a good idea to keep track of kids.” Sheldon Oberfeld

“One comment I could make on the article is the importance of periodically reviewing security procedures regardless of the incidents occurring at school. It appears that the administration is trying to create a culture where students can demonstrate responsibility and where safety remains a priority. I like that they are trying to achieve balance, recognizing that students do appreciate and use the open campus for both social and academic reasons.” Chris Connell

“More security is always better because the safer you [students] feel at school the easier it is to concentrate in class. It’s horrible what happened earlier in the year, and I think it’s good for students to know that the security guards are there to help and not hurt you.” Renee Boyle

“I think it was necessary to the administration to acknowledge the importance of safety at school, but believe that it is not the responsibility of the administration to maintain a police force at school.” John Voyzey

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