Miley Is Only Wrecking Her Career

Holy moly.

That’s all I could think as I watched Miley Cyrus’s “Wrecking Ball” music video. In the whole scheme of things, this could just be a publicity stunt so that she can come back, but the whole things is still pretty nuts.

The music video in which she prances around some room wearing short shorts and a white shirt that is definitely see-through, licks a hammer like something inappropriate that I will leave to your imagination, and eventually swings around on a ball naked, was quite the rage.

Cyrus’s music video even broke the record for most views on Youtube for its first day with 19.3 million the day it dropped.  But at what price?

Even if this is a publicity stunt, Miley has really gone off her nut. Even if she didn’t want to look like a child anymore, there must have been another way other than showing her adult figure that came right along with crossing the threshold of being an “adult.”

Even if you don’t agree with what Miley’s done to get some more attention, I give her some props. Quite honestly, I would be a little freaked out to roll around butt-naked on a dusty set for millions of people. The whole thing seems a little unsanitary if you ask me, but I guess everyone has a vice.

Cyrus says that she thinks that her outrageous video does a good job of showing how truly “broken” she is.  Maybe this video was a good way to show that, but I just hope that poor girl doesn’t get tetanus. I don’t think that licking a hammer is something that is especially healthy, but maybe it’s a good way to keep the pounds off for when she decides to take her clothes off.

Think back to the “Can’t Be Tamed” video, when she dressed up as a huge bird and danced around a museum with a bunch of her other birdie friends. This was considered scandalous for young Miley at the time as well, but just look at how far she’s come.

At least being a bird that’s come out of captivity had a little bit of symbolism. Now I think Miley’s publicist is just running out of things for her to do to regain her popularity after taking a couple months off to be irrelevant to the world.

The “We Can’t Stop” video that directly preceded the “Wrecking Ball” video was even a bit over the edge with the out-of-control party it depicted. Especially since Cyrus said that the idea came from parties she’s attended, and the song is apparently about popping “molleys” (drugggggz).

Whatever the reason for Miley’s outburst with this video, I hope whatever else she does with her time doesn’t cause her medical problems. If it’s anything like this video, she must have some pretty interesting friends.

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