The Sad Reality of Violence

We all gather around when a fight breaks out, but only because nothing more dramatic than a suspension will result.

Adrian Barker (’06) got in a fight in 2009 for which he and Ronald Kelly (’08) were convicted of killing Kent State student Christopher Kernich.

A few insults led to a full-blown fight in which, according to the testimony of Kent student Tyler Martin, Barker “came pretty much out of nowhere on a 15-yard sprint at the victim and was running at full speed and he crow- hopped and hit him in the back of the head.” When Kernich fell, his head hit the concrete and suffered a fatal brain injury. Several witnesses described the gruesome event, testifying that  Barker and Kelly stomped on Kernich’s head after knocking him to the ground.

Although Barker’s conviction was reversed on appeal, he will not likely escape further prosecution. This sad case reminds us that there’s nothing entertaining about violence.

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