Doomsday Posters Lack Sensitivity

Posters reading “Dawn of the Final Day, 24 Hours Remain” were hung around the school the morning of Friday, Dec. 21. Although the signs were taken down before third period began, they seemed to be a joke regarding the end of the Mayan calendar. In light of recent events, the signs are inappropriate. During a time at which tragic events hit close to home with many students and teachers, death is not something to be joked about. The grim nature of the posters around the school could be just enough to instill fear or induce panic in some students. Because of the posters’ unexplained nature, their dramatic message could be interpreted as a threat to the school.

“I don’t think nothing’s going on,” said freshman Ryan Ross, admitting that he had been slightly nervous Dec. 20. “I could understand how some people believe that the Mayans were right but I’m still here so . . . nothing has happened.” However, Ross said he could understand why the posters could be perceived as inappropriate. “Some people could get all anxious and stuff.”

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